1 day Dspace Training & Certification (India Only)

We offer a 1 day training and certification program for Dspace currently at Mumbai and Bangalore.

The objectives of this program are to:

  • Train library staff on using Dspace
  • To test and certify their readiness to use Dspace

This is a 1 day program, covering the key modules and functions in Dspace. At the end of program, participants are required to demonstrate their skills on the various modules. Participants who complete 60% of the exercises successfully are awarded a Dspace Level 1 skills certificate.

The next set of workshops are scheduled as follows:

  • Mumbai: 29th (Sunday) April, 2012
  • Bangalore: 8th July (Sunday), 2012
  • Mumbai: 26th August (Sunday), 2012
  • Bangalore: 3rd November (Sunday), 2012
    • Please use the links below to learn more about Dspace Koha program.