Workshop 2012 Calendar: Koha & Dspace

Koha & Dspace training and certification workshops being offered in
Mumbai and Bangalore.

The objectives of this program are to:
- Train library professionals & staff on using Koha/Dspace
- To test and certify their readiness to use the software

This is a 2 day program for Koha and 1 day program on Dspace, covering
the key modules and functions in the software. At the end of program,
participants will be required to demonstrate their skills on the
various modules. Participants who complete 60% of the exercises
successfully will be awarded a Basic skills certificate.

Participation fee for the workshops are as follows:
Koha (2 day workshop): Rs. 3,000 per head
Dspace (1 day workshop): Rs. 1,500 per head.

Participants can register in one (Koha or Dspace) of both the
programs, as the are on contiguous dates.

The Koha workshops are schedules as follows:

Mumbai: 27th (Friday) & 28th April (Saturday), 2012
Bangalore: 4th (Friday) & 5th May (Saturday), 2012
Mumbai: 22nd (Friday) & 23rd June (Saturday), 2012
Bangalore: 6th (Friday) & 7th July (Saturday), 2012
Mumbai: 24th (Friday) & 25th August (Saturday), 2012
Bangalore: 31st (Friday) August & 1st September (Saturday), 2012
Mumbai: 19th (Friday) & 20th October (Saturday), 2012
Bangalore: 2nd (Friday) & 3rd November (Saturday), 2012

And the Dspace workshops are schedules as follows:

Mumbai: 29th (Sunday) April, 2012
Bangalore: 8th July (Sunday), 2012
Mumbai: 26th August (Sunday), 2012
Bangalore: 4th November (Sunday), 2012

For more information including registration details and workshop
outline please visit these pages: